Thursday, November 30, 2006

Almost Friday Video Cat Blogging

These two did not get enough enjoyment out of spreading mummy's papers everywhere--they went over the edge....

unamerican - and stupid, too

A six-ton block of stone engraved with the biblical commandments "appears" at the steps of a county courthouse in Florida. It is causing the predictable upset among the secular community in the area. A photo of the offending sculpture tells me everything I need to know, so if the dumb crackers responsible for this Constitutional violation read this, remember one thing:

It's spelled "adultery," not "adultry," you bumpkins.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

on the other hand

I just happened to stumble upon Al Gore in a guest appearance on the Jay Leno show. I couldn't be more stunned. Relaxed, calm, poised, funny, self-assured, loose and seemingly completely lacking the rectal stick that so impaired him as vice president. For all practical purposes, he out-Clintoned Bill Clinton in an amazingly fearless and unguarded conversation with Jay.

Where in the world was THIS guy six years ago, and what in the world will it take to get him to run for the office that he should have had since 2000?

Mr. Gore, we need you more than ever. Please step up to the plate for the sake of the country.

let me be the first

Frist in the hearts of his countrymen

Hot on the heels of finding out that he is one of the most unpopular politicians in the United States, just slightly ahead of John Kerry, Bill Frist announced today that he will not be seeking the Presidency in 2008, and seemed to indicate he may be leaving politics for a long time, if not forever.

He said that he wanted to return to medicine, to get back to being a doctor.

I can't help but wonder how the AMA and the boards of whatever state he intends to practice medicine in could possibly certify him.

Frist used to adopt cats from animal shelters under the guise of wanting a pet in order to kill them and dissect them as part of his "studying" medicine while he was in college.

He stated in a televised interview a few years ago that the HIV pathogen that causes AIDS could be transferred through saliva, tears, and sweat, and when pressed on the matter said that he could not say that it was possible but that he could also not "rule it out."

He diagnosed Terri Schiavo by watching a videotape of her and pronounced her to be self-aware and conscious of events around her, to the extent that he advocated that the government get involved in making the personal decisions of her immediate family for them.

I never thought I would say these words:

Bill Frist, please stay in politics.

just askin'

Seeing as how Bush twins Jenna and Not-Jenna are causing a ruckus in Argentina, to the point where the American embassy has asked them to vacate the premises, I can't help but wonder how much longer before we see these two Girls Gone Wild wearing nothing but intoxicated grins and thongs as they cavort and caper in free-fall while fondling each other.

Daddy must be proud.

Maliki or Bush?

Dispatch from the Angry Democrat News Network
NY Times reported a secret memo from Stephen Hadley, questioning Iraqi P.M. capabilities. Here's an extract. As I read this I wonder if he's talking about Maliki, or Bush? Substitute "Bush" for "Maliki" in the text and see if you agree. Amazing parallels

The memo said al-Maliki receives “undoubtedly skewed” information from a small circle of advisers from the Shiite Dawa Party.

“His intentions seem good when he talks with Americans, and sensitive reporting suggests he is trying to stand up to the Shia hierarchy and force positive change,” the memo said.

“But the reality on the streets of Baghdad suggests al-Maliki is either ignorant of what is going on, misrepresenting his intentions or that his capabilities are not yet sufficient to turn his good intentions into actions.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


As I was doing a little work on my laptop and watching "House" I caught myself "answering" one of the cats with sort of a purring, hooting call. I do that often, mimicking their noises and chatting with them. I mimick their noises and I even hiss at them when they are naughty.
I am also known to roll down the windows coming home at night and coo at the deer and the rabbits along side the road...

Am I alone in this behavior (I won't even ask if you think it's nutty) or do others (like you guys)do it too?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who's idea is peace? Oh, I don't know...perhaps--SATAN?!

Colo. subdivision bans wreath peace sign

DENVER - A homeowners association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign that some say is an anti-Iraq war protest or a symbol of Satan.

I guess they'll have to ban that Christmas carol--you know the one, "peace on earth, goodwill to men"...

Ice Skating In Kuwait

Pardon my cynicism but haven't we heard this one before?
Israel, Palestinians OK Gaza cease-fire
Israel and the Palestinians agreed to a cease-fire Saturday to end a five-month Israeli military offensive in the
Gaza Strip and the firing of rockets by Palestinian militants into the Jewish state, officials from both sides said.

Oh, Damn, that's right, they DO have an ice rink in Kuwait...Oh well, Kuwait, San Antonio, what's the difference. I can't imagine there being a cease fire of any consequence in that theatre in my lifetime.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Guns ‘N Hoses

From the Hill Country News Community Calendar

November 30♦ Guns ‘N Hoses vs. The Pride Volleyball Game will feature the Leander Police and Fire departments against the Leander High School faculty at 7 p.m. on Nov. 30. Tickets are $4 for adults and $2 for students. A new, unwrapped toy can be substituted for admission charge. All gifts and proceeds will benefit Leander Blue Santa.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Ever since the "Buffy in the dryer episode" we have been very careful to be sure that the washer and dryer doors are always kept shut. Actually, we were careful about the washer door even before that, since I discovered Buffy and Cleo (our youngest) chasing each other over the top once and one of them did go in. They'd have to work pretty hard to get the lid closed but one never knows.... It's funny, our cats have never wanted to go anywhere near any of these noisy appliances before--maybe they get more courage in numbers.

A few minutes ago I hear Cleo "mow"-ing, that "come look" sort of mow, and I answered back as I worked away on my computer. She mowed again and I heard a clicking noise coming from the laundry room. I lept up and made a dash for the laundry room and as I rounded the corner in the back hall, Cleo came slinking out and the washer started filling. ??!!

I have no idea how she managed it--this is an old washer with a big dial that has to be pulled out to turn the washer on--but somehow she had managed to start it. I mean, this is NOT EASY.

It is apparent that Buffy and Cleo are just dying to help me out with the housework so I'm going to put them to work this afternoon. Just as soon as I do an inspection on the house to see if there's anything else Cleo might be able to "start up" while we're not looking.

A Day Late...

...and a dollar short.

Story of my life!

Here's what I'm thankful for:

My terrific husband, even if he won't go to a doctor to see what's wrong with his back.
My kids. All three of them.
My grandkids. The one that's here and the one on the way.
My furry friends.
My not-so-furry friends.
Having found a job I really love.
Indoor plumbing.
Finding that Americans are coming to their senses.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

this can't be good

News reports are that the Weed is spending the weekend at Camp David.

If I was in Iran, I'd be getting out about now...

Things I'm thankful for:

my husband
my kitties
my home
my friends (and my re-built computer to keep in touch with my friends...)
the mid-term election results

crystal balls

"President Bush issues pardons to turkeys."
(CNN headline crawl)

Not the last time we'll be seeing that headline over the next couple of years, I'm sure.
From the girls...

being thankful

I don't mean to depress anyone because one of my babies left. Life is death, death is life. Mr. Tuttie has been back and forth from the edge for the last few years, and today just happened to be his day. I mourn and I go on.

Meanwhile, why am I still thankful today?

Liberals and Democrats swept the most important election cycle of my life a few weeks ago. We may yet preserve our American dream for those who live after us.

Thank you, America. In the words of a great philosopher, "live long and prosper."

see you, little buddy

RIP Mr. Tuttie.

This is the first time in twenty-five years that I have not had a grey tiger tomcat in my family. Tuttie suffered a lingering lung ailment that finally flared up bigger than either of us could do anything about. Nobody can say he wasn't tough.

Mr. Tuttie liked the Tuttie song:

"Mr Tuttie, covered with shmutz,
I took my Tuttie and I cut off his nutz!"

I got to sing it to him one last time before he left.

Goodbye, Nutty Tuttie Buddy.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

what's the matter with kids today?

It's the oh-so-superior 21st century now. I haven't been in college for over a quarter of a century. I understand that we live in a different country than we did when I started college during the Viet Nam years. However, what I don't get is one simple thing.

When I was in college, if the campus police had tasered a student sitting peacefully in a college computer room SEVERAL TIMES with no provocation, I know what would have happened immediately afterwards.

The school would have been taken over, by force if necessary, by thousands of students vociferously protesting the trampling of human rights and constitutional guarantees. It's quite likely that the campus police headquarters would have been barraged with rocks and bottles, and that their cars would have been overturned and burned. The administrative offices would have been occupied, and school would have been disrupted in a big way until the administration yielded to pressure to discipline the Gestapo wanna-be's that started the entire mess were fired and sent packing in ignominy.

I don't advocate violence and civil unrest, but when the government stops playing by the rules, the people should too. It's OUR country, not the government's.

Friday, November 17, 2006

unintentional truth

"The Force can have a strong influence on weak minds."
- Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Star Wars" (1977)

and thanks, too

Happy Birthday, Howard Dean!

Oh, and Carville - sit down and shut the fuck up.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


This is so freakin' funny, I love the original "Fever" and this is just too good.....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

what a difference a week makes

So, a week later, we have George Bush telling the world that we're going to make one last "big push" in Iraq to clean up that mess, renominating John Bolton and a number of conservative judges, pushing for the passage of the unconstitutional domestic surveillance act, and congratulating good ol' racist boy Trent Lott for being cleansed and rehabilitated to Republican leadership.

Thank goodness the Republicans have a clear mandate as a result of the election and are finally free to act on the demands of American voters.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

image of the day

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Cat Blogging

David was putting some things in the dryer, a few minutes ago, and turned his back for a few moments. (You already know where this is going, don't you?). He tossed the last item in, closed the door and pushed the start button. He was able to get the door open by the third "thump" and out came a very wide-eyed Buffy. She is fine, pupils are equal and reactive and, except for keeping her distance from the laundry room at the moment, she is back to wandering around, bonking and purring in her usual manner. Whew!

I guess if she could survive being tossed from a moving vehicle on a freeway as a kitten, a short tumble in the dryer doesn't seem so bad, eh Buffy?

Friday, November 10, 2006

or maybe not

Bill Maher must have encountered some serious pressure at HBO. He said quite clearly on CNN's Larry King Live a couple of nights ago that he would name names and out some of the closeted gay Republicans (and specifically mentioned Ken Mehlman) on his Real Time show tonight, and while his final monologue was indeed on the topic of that type of hypocrisy he didn't discuss anybody specifically except for the front-page famous and recently resigned evangelical leader Haggard. Even the end of the show was unusually subdued. It will be interesting to see if any further background about all of this emerges.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

wot a co-inkydink

Bill Maher outs Ken Mehlman on the Larry King show, and twelve hours later, Ken Mehlman decides to step down as RNC chairman.

Better times ahead....

I've been thinking today....I know we're going to have to keep the pressure on and keep our eyes on what's happening. We have to remain diligent and be sure we keep the new "guard" on a path to improvement, but I can't help thinking we're all going to have a little more time on our hands.

There will be little less time spent digging for shards of information to exchange with friends, a little less time staying up late at night exchanging ideas and plans on how to get out the vote; a little less time ranting and raving about the lack of checks and balances and sharing the fears that we might never get democracy back from the clutches of the crooks in power.

Sure, it won't happen instantly and automatically, and they may try to shovel some more crap into the bin before January comes around and they're out of the game, but I'm still thinking I'm going to have a little more time with my family, my work, and getting a good night's sleep.

I feel a lot better than I've felt in a very long time. I hope you do too....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

sweet dreams

It has been an amazing day.

Full disclosure:
I predicted, or at least hoped, that the Democrats would end up taking the House but just barely, maybe by five or six seats (just enough to have subpoena power) and that the Senate would still remain Republican by at least four seats.

Instead, we won a significant majority in the House and took the Senate for dessert. I have never been so happy to be so wrong about anything in my entire life.

Thank you, America. I was worried that I would never be proud of my land again. Now I know that two thirds of the country feels a lot like I do about the way things are.

"We, the People..."

Good night and job well done, my fellow countrymen.


There are a lot of people (curiously, many of them from the losing side) getting all touchy-feely and come-together today after yesterday's electoral vindication of American ideals, with many of them urging that we be nice and polite and not gloat, and stop saying bad things about the Weed and what is left of his putative administration so we can finally just work together.

Let me explain this to those who don't get it, and I suspect this will resonate with a lot of people out there.

I haven't said bad things about the president and his administration and the manner in which it has run roughshod over the Constitution of the United States because I wanted them to lose the election.

I said them because I believe them.

The current president of the United States is still a semi-literate, incurious, self-important, ill-mannered, untrustworthy, opportunistic and churlish child of privilege. He surrounds himself with devious sycophants and flatterers, every venture he has been involved in has been tainted with the stench of scandal or incompetence, and his possibly illegitimate occupation of the White House has been a national tragedy of historic and lasting significance.

Nothing has changed, despite his patronizing efforts to be publicly perceived as gracious in inglorious defeat with his intentionally misleading Connecticut-born "aww, shucks" adopted mannerisms.

He and his supporters are not to be trusted, and I exhort everyone to remember that to the Republicans, bipartisanship is "date rape." These are the same people who deliberately took advantage of small ideological differences to pit American against American in order to gain and maintain political power, raising the use of divisiveness to a science, and they will not simply stop using the only tactic they know.

So, no, I won't stop telling everyone who will listen what a disreputable scoundrel our forty-third president is, and will not extend the slightest shred of my trust to him or the Constitution-trampling horde of scavenging rodents in human form that scamper and cavort behind him for the scraps he tosses their way.

It is time for these people and their doings to be brought into the light and investigated, and for the flaws in our system which they manipulated to their advantage to be repaired.

We must not let the beast rise again.

From Jim

Hi. I'm Ronni's husband. I teach theatre in middle-school. I'm also a writer. Five years ago, our Principal began a Veteran's Day assembly for the school. I wrote a script for that assembly. It brought tears to some eyes. Each year I wrote another script for the assemblies. This year, I had a hard time writing a script. Then it came to me. My stories weren't about the leaders or the county, they were about the women, men, and children who are affected by this war or any war. One of our teachers lost a son-in-law in Iraq last year. This year, my script is pushing the edge of the envelope, but I want the kids to know that war can be justified but that an unjust war cannot be. Maybe some of them can understand it. I can only hope.


Republican Twister

Today's cable news has been hilarious. Watching spectacles like the probably-eluded-manslaughter-charges buffoon Joe Scarborough and closeted-only-from-himself Tucker Carlson explain to each other why yesterday's elections are good for Republicans and spell trouble for the Democrats has been a real study in the flexibility of conservative self-delusion.

These guys should take this contortionist act on the road with the Cirque du Soleil.

history repeats itself and stutters

Anybody else notice this?

Bush's whiz-kid presidency implodes in six short years, leaving the country mistrusted, disrespected, and shamed by the world community. His national policies have failed at every turn, his international policies have plunged the world into chaos, and what does he do?

He fires his partners-in-stupidity to distance himself from their stain and calls his Daddy's consiglieres, James Baker and Robert Gates among others, to come help him out of the hole he has dug himself into.

Bush has treated the Presidency exactly the same way as every job he has ever had, achieved exactly the same kind of results, and is once again getting bailed out by his old man and his circle of friends.

Let's not permit him to get away with it this time.

more than relief

As the day progresses and the news continues, I have realized that this truly is one of the happiest days of my life. From the moment that the events of September 11th, 2001 occurred, I felt that our nation was immersed in a noxious and poisonous miasma of deceit and treachery perpetrated by our elected leaders who were engaged in a a partnership with unscrupulous corporates to loot our national treasury and dismantle our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Today, for the first time in this horrible five years, I have hope.

Today, at my home in "the heartland," we are enjoying a lovely summer day on the eighth of November. The sky is clear and the sun is bright, a stirring breeze is blowing, and the temperature is almost ninety degrees.

What a wonderful allegory for today. A bright and beautiful new beginning. Yes, there are still cold months ahead and much to do, but we finally have our national hope back. The United States has the chance and the promise to return to greatness and nobility.

This truly is a great day, a day to remember and savor and celebrate.

changing the yardstick

We've been hearing about the "post 9-11" world for five years now. It is finally time to put that to rest.

Welcome to the "post 11-7" world, also known as "reality." We've got a lot of work to do to get it cleaned up and ready to live in again.

reality bites back

After bragging for six years about his fifteen-inch dick, the little Weed was forced to pull his pants down and demonstrate to the world that it was really only about two-and-a-half inches, even after a fistful of Viagra on a hot day and a lap dance from Britney Spears.

So now, of course, the call is for "bipartisanship."

Fuck you, George. Enjoy your quacking and limping for the next 803 days. And Rummy? No medals for you. It's time for you to close the doors of your study, write a brief note, and do the honorable thing.

P.S. to Rummy - When you write that little farewell note, remember, it's spelled "i-g-n-o-m-i-n-y."

Don't let the door hit you...

Rummy's resigning.

before bed

A reminder that George W. "the Weed" Bush will be on television at noon Central time today to put the best spit-polish he can on this Republican electoral turd.

Should be good for a laugh.

Meanwhile, good night, I'm tired.

I've had this throbbing election for way over four hours now...

ummm, Karl?

As the evening wears on, it is starting to look like even the Senate could go to a Democratic majority as well as the House, with Tester and Webb maintaining slim leads.

Did somebody put the Diebold memory cards in backwards?

We've Thrown the Bums Out!

Enough of them for right now, anyway!

Let's spend a few hours celebrating, and then get back to work.

Because there will be a new crop of bums to throw out in two years. We need to get busy.

There is a lot of damage to undo.

"Mary" and David, thanks so very much for dinner and the hospitality of your home.


while we're sweeping up the confetti

You know what the most delicious part of this victory is?

Our side fought clean and with honor.

Even with all of the dirty tricks, the false-flag robo-calls, misleading mailers, voter suppression, vote-tampering, race-baiting, gay-baiting, appeals to religiosity, coverups, seamy advertising, scandals of a multitude of natures...

...this was the best they could do. Truth is power.

Here's to the United States of America becoming a country we can be proud of again.

it's rhetorical, okay?

So far tonight I've heard Brit Hume, Bill Kristol, and John McCain all steadfastly maintain that despite getting their Republican asses handed to them in today's elections, with not a single Democratic incumbent losing, that the United States is "still a conservative country."

Just how big of a bat do these whack-jobs need to be hit over the head with before they realize that it isn't a conservative country, it's a country that got fooled by a bunch of conservatives flying false flags under which they simply claimed to be like the rest of us in order to get elected and that the people of the country finally started believing their own lying eyes and demonstrated who they actually are today?

I know, don't bother. Reality-based community and all that...

for the winners to repay


Set this right.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

gloating, continued


now you see you don't...

this is gonna feel good




breaking up is hard to do

George must be heartbroken.

No "rock the vote" tape from Osama this year. It's over. Nothing left to do now but eat a gallon of chocolate truffle Hagen-Dasz and wait by the phone. And cry. A lot.

why to vote


In vain.

Make it stop.

Monday, November 06, 2006

'nough said....

Full Disclosure

I'm so glad I took a screen shot of the front page of the Austin American Statesman on-line this morning...the headline wasn't there for long. I guess someone else noticed it too....

overture, hit the lights...

I'd like to be able to say something poetic and erudite that would persuade everybody in the country to kick the Republican liars, thieves, and scoundrels out of office tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything that hasn't been said better by other people.

So, I'll keep this simple.

You can save our nation.

You can stop this terrible tragedy.

You can make our world a safer place.

You can be a part of restoring our national honor.

You can reclaim liberty and justice for our country.

You can end the horror into which we have been plunged.

Exercise your rights.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

by the way

If you ever think I get carried away occasionally:

(Not for the faint of heart.)

damned liberal moral decay

Official Statement of the National Association of Evangelicals -

“Today, Rev. Ted Haggard has chosen to step aside as the President of the National Association of Evangelicals. The Chairman of the Board, Dr. Roy Taylor, is our acting leader. The Executive Committee of the National Association of Evangelicals will meet on Friday, November 3rd and will issue a public statement afterward.”

So, will he be bravely admitting that he's an alcoholic and is going into rehab immediately or will he be waiting until after the weekend is over with to do it?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

as if by magic

Looking over Google News this morning, I see that there was a big news event in Virginia yesterday. Literally dozens of major news organizations ran the same headline, and dozens more used minor variations on the theme. The identical headlines all read:

"Heckler Subdued at George Allen Event"

Which leaves me with one question.

Was that before or after several employees of Senator George Allen (R-Racist Wifebeater) assaulted and battered an American citizen and taxpayer who asked his elected representative some questions he didn't want to answer as is his right under the Constitution of the United States?

Oh, and by the way, Democrats, you now clearly have the liberty of roughing up any of the right-wing nutjobs that disrupt your campaign appearances. After all, "you never know who you are dealing with" and "it's better to be safe than sorry," right?