Saturday, June 04, 2011

Keep On Keeping On...

Hi Milo. It's been just over a year now.

I wonder if you and Milo Jr. (pictured) know what's happening in your beloved country. If there is something after death--perhaps ultimate truth and knowledge--you might. Perhaps, if if there is, and you're aware of what's going on here, you can pitch in and straighten out some folks still here on the planet who don't have a clue, because we are headed for the edge like a down-bound train and we can use all the enlightenment we can get.

If not, well, it was still nice knowing you. We listen to your music every day. The kitties prr for you. You have a legacy. And we are still fighting the good fight. We sure wish you were here with us, but some days we envy you for not being here as a witness.