Thursday, May 01, 2008

the true face of the right

There's an interesting article in the Des Moines Register's online version. The brief account is about a campaign stop for John McCain, in which an audience member asks McCain if reports that he called his wife a "cunt" are true or not.

To quote the article:

Audience member: This question goes to mental health and mental health care. Previously, I've been married to a woman that was verbally abusive to me. Is it true that you called your wife a (expletive)?

McCain: Now, now. You don't want to... Um, you know that's the great thing about town hall meetings, sir, but we really don't, there's people here who don't respect that kind of language. So I'll move on to the next questioner in the back.

Crowd applauds.

What's really revealing is the comments posted to the article, most of which are clearly from supporters of the right-wing.

Rusty Shackleford: "Who hasnt?"

Merlin: "McCain was in the Navy for 23 years -- you have to expect some colorful language from a sailor."

Mindboggled: "I agree with Rusty and SueCindy. And so what if he called her whatever? It happens. And why should anyone even care if he did? The "audience member" made himself look like a horse's rear for even asking."

SueCindy: "BIG DEAL!! my husband and I have called each other some very very nasty names in the heat of an argument. All that shows me is he is a real person.

bgs1971: "Sounds like a Democrat was planted in the audience."

"Who hasnt?"
"So what?"
"It happens."
"Why should anyone care if he did?"
"All that shows me is he is a real person."
"You have to expect some colorful language from a sailor."

Words fail me.

"Who hasn't," Rusty? I'm pretty sure that a lot of men haven't called their wife a cunt. Not only did John McCain completely avoid answering the question, the right wing is actually standing up for McCain's right to call his wife a cunt. The right thinks it's no "big deal" that John McCain called his wife a cunt. The right thinks that John McCain calling his wife a cunt shows that he is a "real person." The right thinks that calling your wife a cunt is just using "colorful language." The right thinks that anyone who finds that calling your wife a cunt is unforgiveably offensive must be a Democrat who was "planted in the audience," because apparently, in republican world, calling your wife a cunt is just okey-dokey and shows how much of a manly maverick you are. All of you women out there need to remember that if you get called a cunt, the right says "so what" because calling women cunts is a perfectly ordinary thing that real people do.

This is the same right-wing that holds Democrats feet to the fire for something that someone that they are distantly acquainted with said in the past, but when their own presidential candidate calls his wife a cunt in public, it's no big deal. Of course, this very candidate tells the questioner that the people there "don't respect" that kind of language even though he is the one accused of using it. Evidently, that doesn't include the commenters who seem to have no problem with it as well as the audience members who applauded McCain's evasion of the question.

Does anyone still think we can negotiate with these worthless beings, and that they will act in good faith? These bottom-feeding thugs know no propriety, no honor, no truth, no decorum, and they deserve no quarter. The only form of governance they know is domination and submission. It is time to wrest control of the United States from the scoundrels and to legislatively exterminate them. If we don't do it now, sooner or later we will have to fight them with real weapons.

Consider yourselves warned.


Anonymous Monkay said...

Legislatively exterminate them? That is a slippery slope.
Living with such people is one of the costs of being the "good guys".
"The bad man is the good man's business" I've always been annoyed by that quote, but there is a lot of truth in it.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Ronni said...

I tell you what. Nobody calls me a cunt without taking a scar away with them.

I'll tell you how awful that is for a woman. "Cunt" is my favourite swear word. Not because I use it often, because I don't; because it is the most powerful in my vocabulary. I have been known to cuss "like a sailor." But not with that word. Not often. If I ever do say it, you will know that I mean it.

It is the most offensive thing I could ever be called.

That would be grounds for divorce.

6:55 PM  

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