Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday cat-blogging

Well, the freeloader has comfortably ensconced himself in what used to be the cat-free zone of the house, and after who knows how long of being on his own when he arrived last year, has become quite the spoiled and privileged kitty. He goes outside during daytime and chases bugs and birds in the yard, stares down the neighbor cats, sleeps on the patio, eats and sleeps when he chooses, and generally lives the life of Riley.

He is by far one of the most intelligent animals I have ever met, and has recently taught me how to play a new game with him: hide and seek.

He pounces on me from a "hiding" spot as I pass, bats my feet with soft retracted-claw paws, and then turns and runs. He stops a few feet away, looks up at me, and then runs a little farther and repeats it. I'm the stupid one, actually, because it took several efforts on his part before I caught on to what he wanted.

When he scampers away, I chase him and he runs and hides under something. I go find him, he runs away, and then I turn and run and hide. Moments later he slowly stalks the house until he finds me, then he turns and runs away and we repeat the process.

Last night, he and I chased each other around the house for about a half hour. I was actually winded from playing with him, and I run and work out regularly!

Somebody lost a most amazing kitty last year and the luck is mine to have found him, not the other way around.


Blogger Ronni said...

Cats are wonderful in their individuality. I'm glad yours has found a playmate

7:49 AM  

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