Thursday, May 01, 2008

let freedom wane

Five years ago today, the worst president in history commandeered an aircraft carrier for a photo opportunity, and under a gigantic banner that said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" told us that the war on Iraq was over and that we had won. His supporters crowed like the chickenhawks they are, and castigated the people who from the start had been adamant that this was a bad idea that would come to a bad end.

Of course, we know now that they deserved to crow. Iraq today is a beacon of freedom and democracy for the middle east, the United States is running like a top with the biggest and best economic recovery in history, our nation has more worldwide respect and authority than any since the beginning of civilization, gasoline is now only twenty-seven cents a gallon, and since the Supreme Court ruled that global warming was a myth, the future looks rosier than it ever has before.

And then I woke up, sweaty and screaming...


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