Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After yesterday's primary contest in Pennsylvania, a total of three thousand two hundred and fifty delegates are now lined up in support of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Of that number, 48% of the delegates are committed to support Senator Clinton, and 52% of them are committed to support Senator Obama.

If I were in a hotly contested battle and I had 48% of the voters locked up, there was still a lot of campaigning left before a winner was going to be declared, and the campaign already had an established history of see-sawing back and forth between myself and my opponent, I would continue to fight to win like a Viking berserkr.

I want a candidate who will fight against the odds, especially when it's that close.

Really, I just want a candidate who will fight. Anything that is worth having is worth fighting for.

I really wish all of the Democratic concern trolls would shut the fuck up and let these two fine candidates fight this out to the end. It is the ONLY way that the party will unify for the real race, by having the knowledge that one candidate finally out-pointed the other once and for all. I happen to support Hillary Clinton more than Barack Obama. However, I will take whichever ultimately comes out on top and do my share to help keep the real enemy out of the presidency.

This is what representative democracy is all about, so please don't sabotage it, just let it play out naturally so that we know that we have a real winner at the end, not just whoever is left after the other one drops out.


Blogger Ronni said...

I'm with you. Whichever wins is my candidate!

I currently prefer Obama, but that could change. Either one of them is so hugely better than any Republican, that I can see no contest.

7:57 AM  

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