Monday, April 28, 2008


Jonathan Alter and his carefully-coiffed combover just explained to that c-word, Essa Brewster on MSNBC, that the man who has had his image and video clips broadcast almost non-stop by the cable news networks for the last few weeks, Obama's reverend Wright, is a publicity hound because he went before an audience and spoke in his own defense and in explanation of his words. Of course, while Alter was slowly spelling it out for Ms. Brewer, the screen crawls also explained that Obama has renounced, but has not condemned his pastor's statements.

Apparently, if you get attacked by the media for two weeks and you speak up to defend yourself, you're a publicity seeker, and if you renounce somebody's statements but don't specifically condemn them, you haven't quite made your position clear.

I'm thinking the only way to resolve all of this is if Obama takes Mr. Wright hostage and on live television pops a full clip into his cranium and pisses on his twitching body.

Fortunately, John McCain is a straight-talkin' maverick.


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