Saturday, May 03, 2008

howzat again?

I'm no fan of the Huffington Post. I think it is a slightly left-leaning version of the Drudge Report, with about as much credibility and drama as that toilet of a website contains. Ms. Huffington has been out pimping her new book the last few weeks, and on April 28th, published a column on the website about the book that can be found at:

It's not an unreasonable article, but the real tickler is the line that says:

"Democratic leaders need to re-define the center of American politics. Right is no longer the opposite of left. It is the opposite of wrong."

Right is the opposite of wrong? I'm not sure that's going to help the Democratic party's case very much. Yes, I know what she was probably trying to say, but unfortunately, it isn't what she said.

It would be pathetic if it wasn't so fucking funny.


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