Thursday, January 10, 2008

told you so

I've been a fan of Jimmy Carter since he took office, I've long felt he was one of the most intelligent and wise of our presidents, and I've been saying for years that it was his relentless flagellation by the wrong-about-everything-right-wing-nutjobs that was the first lynching of a president by a deceitful opposition party and an obeisant press, not Bill Clinton's. Carter was the dress rehearsal, Clinton was the performance. Even with his overt religiosity, I felt comfortable with Carter in office trying to clean up the mess of the Nixon/Ford years and I argued incessantly in support of most of his policies, particularly his crusade to try to get the United States to prepare for a rapidly approaching future of energy and environmental crises. I've watched him get crucified by the corporatists in speechless wonderment, while a script-reciting oaf like Ronald Reagan who couldn't tie his own shoelaces most of the time he was in office gets elevated to sainthood.

Well, Jimmy is finally speaking out and telling it like it is. I couldn't say it better, so read for yourself:


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