Thursday, January 03, 2008

on the other hand

I imagine the republicans are tickled that Balack Hussein Osama got the most Democratic support tonight. The depths of filth they will stir up in this election cycle will be historic, and we are really going to plumb the foulest depths of the conservative national psyche if he is ultimately the Democratic candidate. I'm not especially partial to any of the Democratic campaigners over any others, but I do have a few misgivings about Obama. He has been hitting a lot of right-wing talking points the last several weeks, and it seems that the biggest thing that the Iowans were talking about tonight was his call for "change."

That sounds innocuous enough, and there's enough bad things about our governance that need to be changed. The problem is that Senator Obama talks in generalities and half-baked ideas that can't be made to work, like bringing the insurance companies into discussions about effectively cutting their own profits and political power by bringing health care to a larger percentage of Americans. Change can be a great thing, if done right and with tremendous care.

Remember, though, that George W. Bush promised "change."

And he delivered it in spades.


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