Thursday, January 03, 2008

eenie meenie chili beanie


Fred Flintst... - er, Thompson, just landed himself a golden ticket to the ball tonight. The republican party is going to "persuade" Mitt Romney to pick Fred as his running mate. That will give most of Thompson's followers to Romney, which should just about balance the Huckabee Revival Meeting's sudden acquisition of voting mass. The republican power brokers (and Romney) get Fred's voters, Romney gets to be the official candidate and Fred gets a chance to be Vice President, a job for which he is unusually suited seeing as how he doesn't like to work, just to look avuncular, and which also would give him a shot at sitting in the big chair as soon as one of the rifle-toting fundie Huckabee nutjobs takes out president not-a-real-christian Mittster at 500 yards.

Things are just starting to get interesting.


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