Monday, January 07, 2008


Here's an opportunity to help a good person. Possummomma, hereinafter abbreviated as Pmom, the primary writer on the blog "Atheist in a mini van" found at, has a debilitating case of Lupus, and has recently been suffering from extreme ultraviolet sensitivity which is forcing her to avoid sunlight as entirely as possible, no easy task.

If you've ever read Pmom, you will know that she is a brilliant thinker and engaging writer who is raising children that show every sign of even being smarter than their mother! She has a growing community of readers who have followed her adventures since she "came out" as an atheist, which is a lot more challenging than you might think in this country full of christian intolerance.

One of her regular readers and commenters, who writes the blog "Berlezebub's Inferno," at, has found some plastic UV-opaque window film that can be applied to Pmom's windows at home in order to completely screen the UV that makes it through her window glass, which will give her the freedom to at least be up and active in the daylight hours without suffering painful burns to her skin. Donations to the UV film fund can be made at and you will be helping a wonderful family fight mounting health problems and expenses with a very simple and not prohibitively costly addition to their home.

Pmom, you are loved by more people than you even realize.


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