Friday, January 04, 2008

still later

I think the most interesting possible conclusion to be drawn from tonight's Iowa results, a race where, in a very white, historically conservative, and highly religious state, a young black man took the most significant percentage of the total participants, and in which the strongest support from the opponent camp went to a middle-aged, evangelical and unabashedly theocratic white man, demonstrates the distant rumblings of massive impending generational change.

Young people came out and supported Barack Obama in such quantity that they overwhelmed the candidate most likely to win judged by simple demographics.

We are seeing the shaking of the seats of power and wealth of those who have held them since the late Seventies by the up and coming new generation, who is stating in no uncertain terms that they will not long permit their reality to be formed by the passions and prejudices of the old. This will be messy. Those powerful but ageing people will not give up their privilege quietly.

Power to the people.

Viva la revolucion.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

My father used to say "Old age and treachery always overcome youth and enthusiasm." (Greek, I think)

I hope not. The last two elections have nearly done us in...I'm running out of youth and enthusiasm...

4:48 PM  

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