Wednesday, April 04, 2007

o frabjous day

What a funhouse ride the news has been lately. Bush meeting stony silence at his speech to soldiers. Cheney lurking in the bushes like a peeping tom at his idiot-boy's petulant press conference. Rove practically wetting himself scurrying to safety while being pelted with trash by protesting college students. McCain showing himself to be a doddering fool. Rudy publicly supporting abortion rights. Gonzales demonstrating his mendacity and incompetence for all to see. Newt being, well, Newt.

Add to this those South Park boys holding Bill Donohue down and forcibly sodomizing him in effigy and you have a great day to be a pissed-off, vengeful liberal.

The best part is going to be watching Donohue's head swell up and explode over the next forty-eight hours. It'll be just like the big scene in "Scanners."

Minus the brains.


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