Thursday, March 29, 2007

is it possible to OD on irony?

From yesterday's Sucker Carlton show during a conversation among Sucker, Pat Buchanan and Bill Press about Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations:

"BUCHANAN: But you hit it, Tucker. It is the feminist thing that is the problem. It’s not that she`s a woman. You get a lot of women out there, men would be very attractive, ready to vote for her. But when that voice of hers goes up, brother, and hits the high pitches, you know, every husband in America has heard that, Bill, and everyone one of them takes off.

PRESS: That is a sexist remark.

BUCHANAN: Have you heard her at the top level?

CARLSON: It may be [a sexist remark], but it’s also entirely, undebatably true."

Let me see if I understand this right. Both Pat Buchanan and Sucker Carlton are bagging on how shrill somebody else's voice is?

These two closet cases are so strident when they get excited that they sound like cast members from La Cage aux Folles. They make Hillary Clinton seem like James Earl Jones in comparison. Don't they ever WATCH themselves?


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