Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools?

There is a big impeachment circle-jerk showing up on numerous low-level blogs today. I'm not going to link to them and propagate it any further, but this article (partial excerpt follows) has been posted to at least a dozen blogs I've seen this morning:

"The first article of impeachment against President George W. Bush was passed by the House Judiciary Committee in an emergency special session late Saturday. The article appears to have been prompted by new evidence that the FBI had abused its power under the direction of the president, who had blocked further investigations into the matter. Each of the thirty nine members of the committee seemingly voted along party lines on the measure, which passed by a vote of 22-17.House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) has issued a statement on the allegations being brought forth; though a full disclosure on the charges of "high crimes and misdemeanours" against the president will be made available to the public during a Monday press conference scheduled at 11AM EST."

Nobody would be more pleased than I if this were the truth, but a quick visit to John Conyer's website and personal blog revealed NO MENTION of this story anywhere. It could be that it's too new to have been posted, but that beggars credulity because of the potential magnitude of the story.

So, don't get your hopes up. We could be getting punked in the most disappointing manner.

We'll know tomorrow. Caveat Lector.


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