Monday, April 02, 2007

just askin'

Our fearless loser has been on a tirade for several days now, accompanied by all of his usual lackeys, incessantly bitching about how obstructionist the Democrats are being by putting all of this "pork" (you know, reconstruction for Katrina, health insurance for children, services for veterans) in the Iraq spending bill which of course is forcing George's hand and making him veto the bill. This, needless to say, will leave the military in a Barney Fife-like position of running around with one bullet and no protection, and it will be the Democrat's fault, not the president's for waiting until the last minute to seek funding.

Furious George tells us that it is the responsibility of Congress, whom he apparently thinks are his employees, to get these funds to him immediately and that unless they take care of this right away and send him a "clean" funding bill that it will result in the deaths of countless Americans which will be entirely the fault of the Democrats.

I'm just curious about something.

If this is so damned important, why did the President wait until the last minute to request funds? Isn't the "commander-in-chief" supposed to plan ahead to keep the military funded and supplied? You would think he would have been working on this appropriation months ago to be prepared well in advance to properly run the war. Lives are at stake, right?

If this is so damned important, why are the Republicans on vacation this week? You would think that they would have stayed in Washington and entreated the Democrats to postpone vacation until this appropriation issue was cleared up. Lives are at stake, right?

Or is it that this is all just political theater, and that the Republicans have no scruples about using the military to advance their political cause without requiring themselves to sacrifice their spring vacation? Surely the Republicans wouldn't do anything so crass. Lives are at stake, right?

They wouldn't be that hypocritical, would they?

Lives are at stake, right?


Blogger Ronni said...

Good post! High five!

I'd say door #3, but that's just me.

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