Friday, June 23, 2006

unwitting sacrifice

Rick Santorum must have really pissed off Karl Rove.

Santorum has been lambasted by the media, and even by the Pentagon, for his big news that weapons of mass destruction have indeed been found in Iraq, even though said weapons were a couple of decades old and no longer, well, weapons.

Santorum got used and discarded. He was sent out to get this new mind-worm into the public consciousness, and after he successfully did so, had the political equivalent of a .22-caliber slug pumped into the back of his head.

My guess is that the real power-brokers of the party saw that he was turning into a liability and could not be groomed to be a malleable puppet like little w, and they decided to get the most benefit out of him while they threw him overboard. It's so cute when they eat their own, isn't it?

Your services are no longer required, Rick. Thanks.

The money is on the dresser.


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