Sunday, June 18, 2006


Happy Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney. Although I was never a particularly big Beatles fan (I liked the last handful of albums somewhat) I have always thought they were talented writers and certainly a major influence on my generation both culturally and musically.

They all managed to save their consciences from the ravages of super-stardom and to be good people, and it is sad to see Paul have what seemed to be happiness in his autumn days so suddenly yanked away from him, first by tragedy, then by divorce and the attention of the media.

I suspect that the ray of sunlight that may come of the turmoil in Paul's life today will come out in his music over the next few years and that it will be work that truly maximizes all of the musical talent and experience he has amassed over his amazing lifetime.

Many happy returns, Paul. Go write some great music.

Oh, and yes, we still need you.


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