Wednesday, December 29, 2004

missing inaction?

Where is George Bush? Knowing our little w.'s taste for grandstanding, it is most puzzling to note his complete absence from view over the holiday period. With the catclysmic loss of life around the Indian Ocean this weekend, it makes Our Leader's invisibility highly suspicious.

My guess? Our national albatross has secretly had some sort of critical medical procedure done, in accord with the stroke-victim appearance he has had for some time now, and he is simply unable to show himself at this time while he is recuperating. It will be most interesting to observe his physical appearance the next time he shows up in public.

Or, perhaps he is just busy planning for his January coronation, trying to figure out how to get by with only forty-four million dollars for pomp and pageantry. Of course, that means that he's also trying to convince himself that sending that thirty-five million to assist the hundreds of thousands of people who had their lives turned upside down by a tsunami was enough to salve our national conscience. We sure are a great country. Just ask a republican.


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