Sunday, December 26, 2004

famous bigot bites the dust!

Reggie White died of a "massive heart attack."

Good riddance.


Blogger Phil said...

"Reggie White died of a 'massive heart attack.'

Good riddance."

I find it interesting, in light of your otherwise liberal leanings (judging by your general blog content), that you think there's any class at all in making a statement like the one above. Good riddance? Geez, whether or not you agree with someone's politics, philosophy,or in this case, the sole instance you can find of some poorly thought-out remarks, a response to someone's death that ends in the words "good riddance" says more about you than it ever will about a man who gave so much of his time, effort and money to help those less fortunate than himself.

You're a good part of the reason why half of America hates liberals -- you're just so much louder than those of us who happen to be both liberal and civil, which is a real shame...

2:35 AM  

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