Wednesday, January 18, 2006


That pathetic, gin-sozzled, effeminate Ann Coulter impersonator with the British accent, Christopher Hitchens, is now part of a lawsuit being handled by (GASP!) the American Civil Liberties Union against the Bush administration, a suit representing several journalists who have written articles and published interviews about and with Al-Quaeda members and other jihadist types and who are concerned that they may have been caught up in the warrantless wiretapping recently admitted by the White House. Aside from the delicious irony of a member of the Bush league indignantly availing themselves of the services of the ACLU, Hitchens has been a devoted Bush-fluffer and contributed heavily to the chickenhawk echo chamber during the run-up to our illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. He has been uncritical in the least of the activities of this government during its efforts to "protect" us, but now seems to feel that they crossed the line by possibly eavesdropping on him, thus his participation as a litigant.

"Hey, wait a minute, I didn't say stomp on MY rights!"

Chris, can you say "hoist on your own petard?"

I knew you could.


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