Tuesday, January 17, 2006

hey, wanna have some fun?

Reading "AmericaBlog" today, I noticed with interest a post relating the media and repulsican feeding frenzy over Hillary Clinton's remarks comparing the behavior of the ruling party to plantation owners. Everybody is all a-flutter over Ms. Clinton's audacity of simile. Unfortunately, it seems that right-wing hero Newt Gingrich made exactly the same comparison a little over ten years ago. Back then, of course, his comments were not considered over-the-top by either the press corps or the politicians who sided with him, yet today, Hillary Clinton is being excoriated by the same people who defended slimy little Newtie.

This gave me an idea. Democrats, it's time to use their own tactics against them.

I propose that all Democrats start using exact republican slime-quotes in their speeches, interviews, comments, wherever they find an opportunity. Turn them back on the other side. Use them as though they were your own thoughts expressed, do not say that your are quoting anyone. Keep track of the quotes that you use and from where they are sourced. Find the most odious quotes you can find, use them liberally and frequently.

The right-wingers and the "liberal" media will have a field day for a little while, slamming liberals for their derogatory and defamatory turns of phrase. They will accuse left-wing people of the most vile and treasonous actions and statements. After they have had some time to rant, announce the original sources of the quote or quotes used, and watch the fun begin.

In short order, the right-wing echo chamber will get so gun-shy about attacking liberals that they will have to lay off, and they will also have to start watching their mouths in the knowledge that their own words will be used to hang them. Since character assassination is their primary weapon in politics, what with them having no real concept of democratic principles, they will be silenced and shown to be the inadequate, insecure, self-serving little criminals that they are.

Have fun!


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