Wednesday, January 18, 2006

a swing and a myth

In a surprisingly fast resolution, a school in Fresno, California, has suddenly dropped its plans to teach a "philosophy" class that a minister's wife was going to teach, a class that would try to bolster and engender support for the completely unscientific notion of "Intelligent Design" (creationism) and the "flaws" in the overwhelmingly fact-supported and science-based theory of biological evolution. The school system has pledged to never teach this topic at any time in the future in response to a group of parents who were taking legal steps to halt this unlawful endorsement of a religion in a public school.

The next step will be the usual howling of the creationists, bemoaning the fact that they are being silenced and their First Amendment rights are being violated.

They seem to have not figured out that nobody is silencing them. They have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of venues right here in this country in which to teach their preferred variety of mythology.

Most people call them "churches."

Exercise your First Amendment rights all you want.

Just not on my dime.


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