Monday, November 09, 2009

if the truth was a snake

It's delicious, in an ironically tragic way, to watch a jowly, sixty-something republican congresstoad dandling a baby on his shoulder, as he speaks for the infant in a creepy, Gacy-esque baby-talk voice and says "don't make me pay more taxes when I grow up just so that you can have healthcare now" without taking the next logical step and understanding that the odds increase dramatically every year that the very child he is using as a political prop will likely face a health crisis that she will not be able to pay for and she might die from it unless healthcare for all passes and is signed into law.

There are times that I wish these fuckwads really would revolt against the United States. It probably wouldn't turn out as good for them this time and we could finally move forward out of the Nineteenth Century.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

OMG, is it the 19th century already? How long have I been sleeping?

10:09 PM  
Blogger Milo Johnson said...

It just moved ahead a couple Sundays ago. Had to set the clock forward a century and boy, it took forever to wind the hands around the dial 36,500 times.

10:22 PM  

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