Thursday, July 03, 2008

jumping the minnow

The History Channel has officially descended into self-parody. When you give your television program a grandiose name like "MonsterQuest" and then, after coming up dry on every legendary monster you search for, you are finally reduced to devoting hour-long prime time shows to trying to find imaginary five-pound rats in New York City's subterranean realm, it's time to admit that you have milked your premise dry. It didn't work for Leonard Nimoy in the Seventies, and it's not working any better for you now.

If you are just bound and determined to seek things that aren't there, perhaps you could try "In Search of Real Science on The History Channel" next.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

I had really hoped that this "extreme" brand of merchandising everything would have disappeared by now but it's obvious that it won't ever. Just like retailers in America have taught American consumers that there is no value in buying a product unless it is on sale, forcing us to cut profit margins to the quick and drive many businesses (especially small business) out of nothing has import anymore if it's not branded "extreme" in some way. We continue to be manipulated and dumbed down. Intelligence is no longer cool--only money is. People laugh and say that Bill Gates changed the perception--that smart "nerds" can be sexy and desirable, presumable because they can make loads of money. Guess what? For an intelligent and insightful minority of the population someone with more than half a brain is incredibly sexy and attractive. Those who care about conversation and companionship, excitement in knowledge and understanding will find themselves happy all of there lives because knowledge and learning is unending. A cute little ass eventually fails. Oh, I stand corrected! If you have enough money you can keep having your cute little ass lifted. Oh, I give up, I can't compete with a commercial for Viagra (extreme erections) or Ford (a pickup truck as big and loud as Texas) or Kung Fu Panda (cause a cuddly panda just isn't exciting enough).Oh, bugger it...I'm going to make a bloody cuppa coffee and watch the cats watch the bird feeder.

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