Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I simply don't have the free time to write the explanatory post I would like to write, so here are a few people who say it better than I ever could.

And, the phrase used in a previous post is not actually an invitation so much as an exhortation of scorn and contempt tossed down as a gauntlet from one man to a significantly lesser one. So, I hope anyone that agrees with Mr. Olbermann, the newest of Jack Welch's Lost Boys (how long before he buys his own house on Nantucket?) will read this with an open mind.

The truth is, our country's electoral system is horribly Byzantine and not very democratic, but the only time anyone gets exercised about the idiotic complexity of it is during elections. Let's fix it, but we need to realize that now isn't the moment. When your car is rolling down the highway at seventy miles per hour, it isn't the right time to replace your alternator.


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