Wednesday, March 12, 2008

still off the table?

"The Fed has a plan and Wall Street likes it!"

At least that's the way that MSNBC is playing it. What an amazing coincidence. It has only been a day since the completely apolitical federal justice department took down Eliot Spitzer, one of the people who was trying to make the scoundrels pay, and we suddenly have a 400+ point rise in the stock market.

I suppose saying that the Bush administration has a "plan" that Wall Street "likes" has some validity, but it seems to me that if they want to portray things the way that they really are, "the Fed has looked at the situation, and it seems that Wall Street, with its new-fangled 'creative financing,' has so completely ransacked the American economy while they pocketed trillions of dollars of scammed money that to let them suffer the consequences of their scheming would be seriously detrimental to the nation, so for the sake of the United States we're going to let them keep the money and bail them out of the hole they have put the country in by giving them huge piles of taxpayer dollars" would be a lot more accurate.

Talk about income redistribution. Let freedom ring. Or reign. Or rain. Or whatever the fuck our incompetent asshole of a president says.


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