Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you've been warned

It appears that Eliot Spitzer is likely going to be face federal charges of money laundering and possibly conspiracy for being "involved in a prostitution ring." This should chill every single person in this country.

The "money laundering" charge stems from the fact that he was paying for services that were illegal. This is the administration's notification to all of us that any single thing we do that is not within the bounds of law that we pay money for opens us up to federal charges of money laundering. Think about it. Paying into that poker game? Federal offense. Illegal lottery ticket? Federal offense. Buying weed to smoke? Federal offense. Oh, and also criminal conspiracy and drug trafficking, because it means you are "involved in drug smuggling." This incredible widening of definition can catch up nearly anybody the government chooses to examine under a microscope, and with Habeas Corpus being a fond memory, means that anybody can now be disappeared with ease. Forever.

It is so far beyond time to impeach and imprison these bastards, and hang the ones who are legally eligible for it that our Founding Fathers are spinning like pulsars.

Choose your side wisely, folks.


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