Thursday, March 06, 2008


Farewell, Keith Olbermann. It was fun while it lasted. It's become clear over the last couple of weeks that you have at last sold out, decided to play the game, gone over to the dark side, and have become yet another of Jack Welch's paid poolboys.

The steady flow of republican oppo research cant that has been pouring from your mouth for the last few weeks, the pairings with Tweety, Margaret Carlson and a lot of the other duplicitous MSNBC right-wing shills, it almost seems that your scripts are being written by Tony Snow these days.

Your ratings will diminish by the tiniest percentage, but I've had it with paid-off social climbers and sycophants pretending to be journalists. Buh-bye.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

guess I missed it...haven't been watching the tube lately....

Very sad indeed...

6:43 AM  

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