Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"if we lose this war"

I just saw Pat Buchanan (who really showed how vile he is on last night's Scarborough show) just float the idea that he agrees with the president and most of the Kool-Aid guzzlers that "if we lose this war, it will be catastrophic for the United States."


And you know what, Pat? Anybody that loses a fight that THEY STARTED actually deserves to suffer the consequences. They really deserve to lose it. Are you saying that we should get a pass and not have to because some misled folks think this war was started in good faith? I don't like seeing my country lose lives, capital, respect, and moral authority and suffer the consequences of our misadventure in the Middle East, but it is GEORGE W. BUSH'S FAULT as well as that of everybody who assisted him. Those of us who were right all along will suffer along with the rest through no fault of our own. People like Bush and Buchanan and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove - they won't suffer at all.

Unless of course, they all finally get tried as the war criminals they are.


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