Wednesday, January 10, 2007

civility in action

A multitude of right-wingers, both individuals and organizations, have been ruthlessly chiding the Democrats for their lack of "civility" and decrying the need for the country to "return" (RETURN?) to genteel bipartisanship. Their crocodile tears are poisoned, infected urine. Just this morning, FOX "News" anchor Gretchen Carlson referred to Senator Edward Kennedy as "a hostile enemy right here on the home front" in an interview with White House spokesman Dan Bartlett. To his credit, Bartlett somewhat repudiated that hideous insult.

If this incident doesn't demonstrate why we must NEVER trust these people again, I don't know what does. The neocon christianist right needs to be ground out of existence forever. I disdain violence, but these people must be utterly crushed, never to rise to power again.

I will never again call for unity. It is time for the liberals in this country to publicly claim the birthright of the United States of America, the country which was conceived and born in the name of liberalism. Conservative principles are fine, and I actually have many, but the fascist right has repeatedly violated the very foundations of the Constitution time and time again, and they must be forcibly ejected from the game once and for all. It is time to make them fear liberals, to make them flee this country to find a place where they can establish their own new Nazi state for us to eradicate.

Watch this hideous segment (link at bottom of post) that utterly reveals the treacherous and deceitful nature of the right. They do not want comity and collegiality, they do not want consensus and cooperation, they do not want bipartisanship, they are merely laying in wait and lying through their teeth about their motives as they marshall their forces and develop a new plan to conquer this country and to form it in their own unconstitutional image.

They are predators.

They must not be trusted.

They must never be given the benefit of the doubt.

You see, the simple problem is that the neocon christianists believe in only one strategy: subjugation. Somebody must be on top. It's the only existence they understand. If we have "conversations" and "dialogs" with them, it just reinforces their views of liberals as "girly men" (and women) and makes them think they are capable of dominating us, which gives them constant incentive to try.

We are caught in the trap of their own worldview. If we win and use our privilege to shape the nation, we are being partisan and exclusionary. If we take the bait and negotiate with them, we are pussies, cattle to be slaughtered, marks to be hustled. Remember the permanent Republican majority thing they were convinced was going to be the new world order? So, there's only one recourse.

Their guiding principles must be constitutionally outlawed in clear, unambiguous terms. Anyone then violating the Constitution by acting on the those principles must be prosecuted the full extent of the law and receive the harshest punishments available under the rule of law.

The basic principles upon which this nation was founded are not negotiable and are not up for debate. The neocon christianists must be ruthlessly dominated and then destroyed, As much as I hate the conclusion, it is the only language that they understand, and the only way this will ever stop.


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