Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beverly Hills cop

Michael Jackson just settled a suit that had been filed against him by a Beverly Hills pharmacy for slightly less than one hundred and two thousand dollars of unpaid bills. It seems that since the middle of 2005, he has had his prescriptions delivered by the pharmacy but has not paid for them. The suit was filed earlier this week, and Jackson just settled the tab with the pharmacy today, so presumably the suit will be withdrawn.

While it's good that Jackson took care of the outstanding bill, it can't help but make me wonder one thing. Why this particular bill? Why so fast? It has been well-documented that Michael owes a lot of people a lot of money, that there are other suits and complaints against him for past-due bills, and rumors have abounded for a couple of years that he has been spending his vast fortune at a profligate pace, enough to cause concerns about his solvency.

Yet, he took care of this bill almost as soon as the matter was reported in the news.

Perhaps he doesn't want anyone else to ask the question I have been wondering about since I heard this story in the news a couple of days ago. How does one run up a prescription drug bill of $101,926.66 in one and a half years? How many different prescriptions does that represent? Is he copping drugs to use recreationally or is he extremely ill? I mean, seriously, that is either a Limbaugh-sized addiction problem or a major health concern like cancer or AIDS. So, the story is far from over and the next thing to watch for is whether or not area law enforcement looks into this situation.

Michael might be seeing the inside of another jail with "doody and feces" on the walls soon.


Blogger Ronni said...

He is nothing but a grotesque, and of no significance whatsoever. If he weren't MJ, his actions would have got him put in jail long ago.

Should he be so lucky as to live more than another couple of years, he is going to look like hammered dog shit, which is nothing more than he deserves.

1:36 AM  

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