Thursday, August 03, 2006

idiot on the dock

A couple of days ago, Donald Rumsfeld commented on whether there was a civil war in Iraq. He parsed and split hairs with his answer, saying that while there were many different internecine conflicts taking place in Iraq, he didn't think that it fit the traditional definition of civil war.

Today, in response to a question from Senator Hillary Clinton in regard to the incompetence displayed by this administration in the invasion of Iraq and the length of time that it has taken thus far, Rumsfeld, using a cold and dripping-with-arrogance "my goodness" to preface one of his predictable wanna-be-avuncular ask-the-questions, give-the-answers moments, said that many wars have taken longer, including "the Cold War, which lasted over forty years."

Let's see if I got this straight.

The raging conflict in Iraq between different Iraqi factions, which is killing thousands of Iraqis each month, doesn't qualify as a civil war.

However, the Cold War, which was a conflict of ideologies instead of armies, qualifies as a real war.

"Rummy?" I'm thinking that it should be "Cracky," because he's got to be smoking that shit to come up with ideas like this.


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