Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday text-only cat-blogging

Actually, the title is a bit of a ruse. I won't be spreading feline trivia today. I'm making an announcement.

I finally joined the 21st century. Yes, I went out and bought a nice digital camera yesterday.

I will soon be cat-blogging photos of my own extended family.

As soon as I finish climbing the four-year learning curve of figuring out how to USE THE DAMNED THING.


Blogger Mary K. Goddard said...

Sweet! You're pretty savvy so you should be fine--providing the camera and software are fairly intuitive. If you need help, call...we're always here for you!

Oh, this is going to be a BLAST!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Ry Twinger said...

If all else fails. Read the instructions.

Seriously, If its hard to use you got the wrong one. Point. Shoot. Hook up the usb wire to your computer and follow the yellow brick road.

Most of them now wont even require installation, unless you want to use the Album stuff that usually comes with them.

9:40 PM  

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