Wednesday, February 15, 2006

who you gonna call?


Seems to me those two wacky science guys on the Discovery channel would be just the ideal people to take a shotgun exactly like Dick Cheney's, set up just like his was, using the same shells he was using, and a ballistics dummy, and shoot the thing to find out just how far you would need to be to have the projectiles penetrate the ballistics dummy's heart and liver.

Seems to me.


Blogger HiveRadical said...

Turkey's biggest blockbuster of all time is the recently released "Valley of Wolves--Iraq." And the most significant thing you can comment on, for almost the whole of your currently exposed blog page, is a hunting accident made by the Vice President. Never mind Harry Reid didn't publish the occurance of his mild stroke to the media or his constituance in government untill three days after the fact.

8:24 PM  

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