Friday, February 03, 2006

sadly, it wouldn't surprise me

With the evidence now that the administration was considering plans to decorate a U-2 spy plane in UN colors to try to tempt Saddam into shooting at it, thus justifying military action, I can't help but wonder if this Mohammed cartoon tempest wasn't started by an someone as part of an intentional design to touch the collective Muslim psyche and manipulate it into aggression on westerners.

With all of the distant saber-rattling about the dangers of worldwide fundamentalist Islam, and with countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, and pretty much all of South America making the right collectively tremble, it isn't too distant a leap to imagine the Bush cabal using a known psychological and cultural hot-button to covertly achieve their desires without being placed in the position of creating more enemies among the ever-diminishing number of countries that don't scorn us.

Even the new conservative Prime Minister of Canada was elected in part on his platform of building up the Canadian armed forces, making allusions that you never know, "there might be a war."

Who on Earth would Canada have to go to war with?


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