Thursday, February 02, 2006

can you hear me NOW?

As a part of the recent Chris Matthews malaprop crusade, I emailed several of the show's sponsors recently and submitted a brief complaint, as follows:

I am sick and tired of having my love of my country questioned and being insulted by the likes of Chris Matthews. I demand a public apology from MSNBC and Chris Matthews, his immediate termination by MSNBC, and I am further notifying you that I will boycott any and all of your products until these demands are met.

Five days later, I received this solitary terse reply:

We have received your e-mail concerning Verizon advertising on MSNBC's "Hardball." Thank you for taking the time to convey your opinion to us. Be assured that we appreciate your concerns.


Their appreciation of my concerns is indeed overwhelming, isn't it? They sent an email form letter to me, and to probably thousands of other citizens from whom they willingly accept money, but display an utter lack of concern or sincerity.

I have Sprint now.


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