Thursday, February 02, 2006

the new grammar

Let's see, now.

George Bush's stated goal to cut foreign oil dependence by seventy-five percent by the year 2025 was "just an example" of what could be done to improve our national well-being and wasn't intended to be taken literally as a plan for the future, according to a White House spokesman. People just didn't quite grasp what he really meant when he said it. I guess we weren't paying enough attention or something.

Bill Frist now says that when he stood on the floor of Congress and proclaimed that after watching an hour of carefully-edited videotape that in his "opinion as a physician" Terry Schiavo was clearly aware, that he wasn't diagnosing her he was actually just "raising the question." We all misunderstood. We really must need some remedial language lessons.

The new reichpublican excuse seems distillable to "I didn't mean what I actually said in plain English."

And somehow, many of the American people are so easily duped as to be blithely unaware of this contemptuously blatant disregard for them that an ever-more-shrill forty percent still support this administration. You have to wonder how it is that they are so easily distrac...

...ooooooh, look, BUBBLES!


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MY bubbles!!

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