Wednesday, February 01, 2006

flustered clucks?

During his live speech today, George W. Bush was in front of one of the usual "slogan" backdrops for which this administration is famous. This one read:

"Americans Win When America Leads"

These guys are really off their game. They can't even come up with a new, punchy slogan like the ones they have used before. They must be hiring Kerry campaign slogan writers. They are running scared.

They have every right to.


Blogger stop.partisan said...

Perhaps more frightening is that every word that foamed from Bush's mouth this morning was an absolute lie!

He said that if we were using "Terrorist surveillance" prior to 9/11, we would have been able to prevent the attacks. Able Danger anyone?

He said that peoples wages are rising faster than the rate of inflation. GDP- a bench-mark low at 1.3% (avg. 3.5%) CPI (inflation) + 3.4 from Dec. 2004. Fuzzy math anyone?

No child left behind? Don't even get me started!

Bush's impeachment is highly-unlikely, but we can cut off his arms - congressional midterm elections are just around the corner!

6:24 PM  

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