Wednesday, February 01, 2006

oily bohunks

Remember how, during last year's extreme gasoline price spike, the oil companies like Exxon, accompanied by our own oh-so-sincerely sorry president, told us that the sky-high price was a factor of supply and demand influencing the free market, and that the price was not so much related to a lack of crude oil as to a lack of refining capacity in the United States?

Remember how, many times now, we have been told that there is no "price-fixing" on the part of the oil companies, no collusion, and it's really just the power of capitalism at work when we see gas prices at competing outlets rising in perfect synchronization to the tenth of a cent no matter what the time of day is?

Remember how, just last week, Exxon announced quarterly net profits of over ten billion dollars and an annual net profit of over thirty-six billion dollars?

Remember how, just last night, our incompetent president assured us that we were "addicted to oil" and needed to get the petroleum monkey off our back?

Well, guess what.

Just this morning, Exxon announced that they were cutting down on refining oil into gasoline. Why?

Their PROFIT MARGIN is too low.

In other words, they are going to put less gasoline into the system so that prices will go up and so that they will make more money from each gallon, insuring that they continue draining the finances of the United States into their own bank accounts at the nearly billion-dollar-per-week pace that makes them happy.

Our dealer just upped the price of cocaine on us because they want the money and they know we'll pay it.

The executives of the American oil companies, the same people who stiffed the American public out of seven hundred million dollars in royalties last year, money that they pay the American people (the owners of American oil reserves) to suck the oil out of the ground and sell it back to them at inflated prices, these ostensibly "patriotic" Americans, should be hanged for treason and for war profiteering.

And, that is NOT a riff on Ann Coulter. I'm dead serious.

These people are bad for America. They should be eliminated as the traitors they are.


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