Friday, January 27, 2006

time is running out

George Bush's protests of the election of Hamas, in which his lack of appreciation of democracy that doesn't conform to his opinion of propriety is all too evident, is a clear view of how dishonest, logically inconsistent, and misleading his "policies" are. He has recently made the statement several times that all he is interested in is peace.

The problem is that he isn't, and while many in this country are too timid to voice it, citizens of other countries around the world are quite aware of what he actually seeks. Every day, more people around the globe grow to hate and fear all of us because of the misconceptions and twisted priorities of one man.

What George Bush is interested in, and what he audaciously labels as peace, is simply a docile submission to his demands by all. His air of entitlement grows every day. He seems to think that he is president of the world and that he has the right to demand that every human being on Earth accept that his judgement is superior to all others and that we should all accede to his wishes. This has been his policy in both international and domestic affairs. The NSA warrantless wiretapping issue is a manifestation of this same kind of control-freak paranoia that is so Nixonian as to be utterly frightening. His paranoia is growing every day and with every new revelation, we find that he has treaded farther and farther over the line of legality and circumvented, disregarded, or eliminated checks and balances deliberately written into our system of government by our founding fathers.

Until all truly patriotic Americans start to call these obvious patterns of behavior what they are and proclaim these truths in clear and explicit language instead of being hobbled by their own sense of etiquette, this country is going to continue down the present path which ultimately leads to monarchy instead of republic.

We have a choice to make, and we have to make it now, because this patient will die if we don't do the right thing immediately.

It is time to stand up and be counted.

America, choose liberty or choose death.


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