Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday text-only cat-blogging

While black cats are very common, all-black cats are not. 99% of black cats have at least a few sprigs of white fur somewhere, usually in the "locket" position on their throat, and sometimes as a white pubic tuft.

These patches of white are known as a "St. Francis' kiss" because of an ancient story in which a crowd of people was going to kill a black cat they had caught because they were, of course, considered to be unlucky and omens of impending disaster. St. Francis saw the crowd, and went over to see what was going on. When he learned that the cat was in a very life-threatening situation simply because of the color if its coat, he picked up the animal and kissed it on the throat, leaving a small spot of white fur. He then told the crowd that they were mistaken, it wasn't a black cat, it was a mostly-black cat and because of the white patch it was not a harbinger of bad luck, which saved the cat's life.

I'm not quite sure why he would have kissed any of them on the crotch...


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