Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Brownie Supreme?

Let me get this straight. Sam Alito says that his legal opinions demonstrating the supposed lack of Constitutional support for abortion rights was done simply to improve his chances of being hired by the Reagan administration.

In other words, as a lawyer, Alito was a prostitute, not terribly concerned about what the law actually meant, instead demonstrating that he would find ways to interpret laws of the Unites States that complemented the political motivations of his employers instead of interpreting laws based upon the meaning of the language and entirely willing to tout his membership in an organization which basically consisted of supremacist white males. He firmly applied his lips to the Reagan administration's collective ass, simply for a cushy government job.

I can see why Dark W. Helmet thinks he is perfect for the Supreme Court. In fact, I can hear him already:

"Sammy, yer doin' a heckuva job!"


Blogger stop.partisan said...

like the blog, and I'd like to link you to mine. http://www.stop-partisan.blogspot.com/ When Alito was questioned today on his involvement with the concerned alumni of Princeton, he said that he couldn't remember being affiliated with them! How convenient! Keep up the good work!


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