Monday, September 05, 2005

missed opportunities

Idiots and cowards.

That's pretty much the Democratic party of today, or at least the visible party leadership.

Since shortly after the nomination of John Roberts to become a Justice of the Supreme Court, the democrats have been pretty subdued and many have even made it clear that, barring any major new developments, they would quietly permit little w. the luxury of his choice for the court with little or no resistance. Roberts has essentially already passed the review.

Now, with yet another amazing coincidence of the frightfully convenient timing of calamities that frequently draws media attention away from the administration's mistakes, William Rehnquist has suddenly died, and the president has announced that not only is the inexperienced Roberts a nominee for the Supreme Court, he is Bush's pick for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

And there really isn't a damned thing the democrats can do about it.

If the democrats had been a true opposition party that had any spine, they would have fought Roberts' nomination tooth and nail from the beginning, just on the principle that anybody this president chose would be a catastrophe for liberty in this country and that he would have to prove otherwise. They would have run Roberts through the same meat-grinder that the Republicans don't fear to use, even on private citizens like Cindy Sheehan.

Instead, they are now going to have incredible difficulty in justifying any sudden resistance to having John Roberts appointed to be the head of the most powerful judiciary body in the United States for possibly the next forty or fifty years.

Anything they say against Roberts will be easily dismissed by the republican slime machine as politically-motivated machinations, and justly so.

Politics isn't about not pissing people off. It's about really pissing off the right people so that they will work to achieve change.

Is there no liberal leader out there?


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