Sunday, September 04, 2005

to borrow a phrase

Driving past a church on the way home tonight, I noticed their front lawn sign bore the message "morals without jesus have no meaning."

To borrow a quote from Bill Maher, I only have one thing to say to the person who composed that message.

"Fuck you."

Insulted? Don't like that? Good.

"Fuck you."

Who do you think you are? You believers in fairy tales constantly say these kinds of pompously arrogant and self-righteous things to people like me who do not share your belief in irrational things. You expect people like me to respect you because it's your "religious belief."

"Fuck you."

You worshipers of myths and legends owe your very existence to people of reason like me. If it wasn't for the Age of Enlightenment and the Renaissance, our civilization would not exist. We RESCUED civilization from people like you who were burning people, drawing and quartering them, and even invading and laying waste to entire countries based upon the precepts of your preferred brand of superstition. Today you and your ilk are determined to undermine education and scientific knowledge in this country and will likely be the eventual cause of the demise of this noble American experiment.

"Fuck you."

You don't have THE RIGHT WAY. You don't have THE ONLY WAY.

You have YOUR WAY.

Kindly exercise your freedoms quietly and I will do the same. Otherwise?



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