Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I can only say that watching cable news coverage of ordinary people trying to cope somehow with the sudden catastrophe that has befallen them, many of whom have lost everything they owned with no hope of recoup, I have yet to see anyone carrying a computer or a television set and I can't help but wonder about a media (I'm sorry, that should be "liberal media") that films people trudging through chest-deep water that is filled with agitated displaced wildlife, hidden obstacles, assorted poisons, dead things, sewage, and who knows what else, and who are carrying a gym bag packed with loaves of bread, bottled water, and packages of Pampers, damaged goods which will only end up in a landfill otherwise, stuff that they scavenged from a washed-out WalMart that they made it to without dying, and which has enough insurance coverage to actually profit on the corporate level from this kind of event...

... and refers to them as "looters."


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