Tuesday, September 27, 2005

crystal clear

Now we find that little Ashley "he said he thought I was an angel from god" Smith, who was held up as a vessel of divinity for talking Atlanta courtroom murderer Brian Nichols out of killing her by reading him uplifting and spiritual passages from "The Purpose-Driven Life," another of the multitudes of books taking advantage of superstitious Americans, wasn't completely forthcoming. For several days Ms. Smith was an unavoidable interviewee on television news and talk shows, and apparently made enough money out of the admittedly frightening seven hours she spent to improve her lifestyle dramatically. She talked like a female television evangelist for all of her interviews, and emphasized how she had turned her life around and wanted to share it with Nichols. Turns out there was a little more. She also gave him some crystal meth that she "just happened to have" around the house. That's not quite the same scenario, now, is it? I recall arguing with friends over how much her story stunk back then and that there had to be more than meets the eye to it, and was even ridiculed for taking an "atheistic" stance.

Fishy is as fishy does. Good job of scamming the system, Ashley.


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too funny!

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