Wednesday, September 21, 2005

compassionate conservative

With his customary wisdom, George W. Bush recently suspended the Davis-Bacon Act, which permits the government and participating contractors to pay less than the prevailing or average wage to construction workers, with the stated intent of making the rebuilding dollars go a little bit farther.

Today, the administration announced it is looking into suspending the Service Contracts Act, which would permit paying less to the already-underpaid and hard-worked employees in service industry companies in the affected Gulf Coast region.

In other words, the people at the bottom of the economic totem pole will be making less money for the same demanding physical work in these two industries which will feature strongly in the reconstruction and economic revival of the areas affected by hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, the administration has completely ruled out repealing the three hundred billion dollars in annual tax cats for the people in the country who make over a million dollars a year.

Cut wages for minimum-wage or slightly better-paid working people to rebuild one of our most vital transportation ports? Makes sense, let's do it right away before we hemorrhage any more valuable tax money unnecessarily.

Repeal tax cuts for people who can actually afford it and really won't miss the money, many of whom will benefit financially from the reconstruction?

Hey, not so fast, that's not fair!

Fuck you, George W. Bush. You aren't MY president.


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