Sunday, January 02, 2005

hey, that other shoe is dropping

Several different reports have come to light lately, reports that indicate christian conservatives in this country are starting to become somewhat upset with our little w. It seems that now that he is ensconced in the presidency again he is backing away from some of the promises that he made to turn the country in a direction in accord with the dictates of their favored brand of superstition. The folks who helped him get "elected" are not happy that it seems he isn't quite as committed to their agenda of turning this country into a theocracy as he purports to be and is not in a big hurry to implement their agenda, being apparently more focused on accomplishing his own goal of achieving a never-ending war to benefit his wealthy friends in the military-industrial complex.

Imagine, these folks are just now realizing that George W. Bush is a liar who will say anything that he needs to further the agenda that he has been primed with by the neoconservative crew that he surrounds himself with. Of course, it was fine when the people that he was lying to before were the ones the religious conservatives disagreed with, but now that he's taken to lying to them, that seems to offend them. Isn't irony wonderful?


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